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We are building a community that will serve as a resource for encouragement, change, and support.

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We want to change how people see mental health. When we change the discussion, we will empower each other to practice positive mental wellness, seek care when necessary, and accept that mental health is a part of everyday life.


Help Build a Community

We all have something in common. You guessed it! We’re all human. This is why we believe that understanding mental health and striving for wellness needs to be a community effort. Let’s come together to support each other, share our stories, and open up an honest conversation about mental health and wellness. Together we can change lives.

How to Tell Your Story

  1. Your story should come from the heart so don’t over think it.
  2. Be honest in your story.
  3. What message do you want to impart on the reader?
  4. Is your story about courage, faith, hope, sheer determination or something else?
  5. End your story with how you are doing now and what your next chapter is.
We accept stories on all topics relating to mental health and mental well-being. Story telling can bring back difficult memories, but it can also be a cathartic and healing experience as well.

Share your story

It’s not always who you help, but how you help. We invite you to share your story about your experiences with mental health. Your story can help inspire and uplift people in our community and around the world, even change someone’s life.

Your story can open someone’s mind to situations and outcomes that at the moment they are unable to see or even comprehend. The most powerful stories are not just those about struggle, pain and fighting to survive, but how a person was able to seek help, get the right treatments, and accomplish the extraordinary.

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Colton's Story, 1:36

Community in Action

Providing support where it’s needed

Leveraging the voice and action of the community, we create programs and issue grants to support and enhance the conversation around mental health.
These programs include educating people about mental wellness and mental health challenges (we all have them sometimes), combining physical and mental fitness, and providing resources for people who are seeking care. We want you to have the programs, resources, and education on the road to mental wellness.

Our Story, 2:11


Why we do it

Our mother, Valerie, suffered from bipolar disorder. Her struggle lasted for many years before she ultimately took her own life. Bipolar is not what defined her.
What defined our mother was her heart that was dedicated to selflessness and service for all people, and her ability to find the good in all things. It was her nurturing spirit that lead to our growth as three brothers and molded us into who we are today. It is Valerie’s struggle that compels us to take on this cause.

Show Your Strength

Together we will #EndeavorTogether to make change.

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